5 Easy steps to ensuring you do NOT get a nap

5. Do your chores early in the morning to ensure you have the extra time to take a nap.

4.  Prepare cups of juice and snacks, lay it out nicely on the counter, so they have no reason to disturb you.

3. Turn off ringer on the phone.

2. Give children full run of the Wii, the PS3, Nintendo DS’s and a houseful of toys.

and the number one way to make sure you DON’T get a nap….


1. Tell someone you’re going to take a nap!


**just as Bubbagirl dozed off and I had reached that point of no return my doorbell rang. My neighbor, with whom I rarely ever speak, had graciously walked down here with her almost 2 yr old son and her 2 week old baby to bring my girls an invitation to a birthday party…. of all days, she picked today**

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