A shortcut to a yummy recipe: One bowl burrito pie

There is a recipe called burrito pie, that I started making last summer, that my husband LOVES. Actually, I love it, and I made it for my IRL buddy Jessica after her baby was born and now she LOVES it!
Burrito Pie
The original recipe is here on FamilyFun.com .
I do not know how to follow a recipe so mine, pictured above, is made a little differently every time I cook it.
Well, hubby had been requesting it but in my current condition working that hard for a meal that only he and I will eat just was NOT happening.
With the girls gone last week, I decided to see if I could make a shortcut version with the same bang as the original.  It worked!
I made my ground beef, with taco seasoning, as usual.  When it was done, I mixed in a little Pace Picante and some sour cream.   Then instead of making my rice with beef broth like I did before, I broke out a box of Zataran’s Spanish Rice (very spicy!).  Then I heated up a drained can of black beans.  I tossed all three items in a big deep bowl, topped it with cheese, a little lettuce and some taco sauce and handed hubby a big bowl of tortilla chips!
Well, we fought over the last bowl.  He won, simply because Peanut prevents me from eating as fast as he can.
I love one bowl dishes!
What’s your favorite recipe makeover?

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3 thoughts on “A shortcut to a yummy recipe: One bowl burrito pie

  1. Ashley says:

    I will definitely be trying this recipe out! I’ve come to LOVE burritos lately (thanks to Taco Bell’s $.89 burritos), and I’ve been wanting to make some on my own, but didn’t want the hassle… this definitely looks like a hassle-free version!

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