Where have I been hiding?

Why…. in the cleanest room in the house of course!
Does anyone remember this post? Where I proclaimed that I wanted my craft room back and shared that awful twitpic picture of the before?  That was only part of the way there.
I have not only finished (well, mostly) the room BUT I have used it several times and it still looks like this!
Here is my new space… and where I have been hiding.  Even now I’m up here, blogging off hubby’s laptop, just because when I look around I’m surrounded by pretty things that make me happy!

My craft room

My 3/4's of the room.

Scrap Basket

Scrap Basket my mommy made me.

Singer Futura

My Mommy's Day Present and Anniversary Present! WHOO HOO

My helper

My helper?


My thread, for now, there's more on the way! Doodlebug offered to buy me another rack for my birthday!

Some of my scraps are actually organized by fabric type...

Knits, laces, vinyls, PUL, and more!

Bubbagirl's stuff... she gets to play with this (till peanut arrives)


and for good little girls and mommies... CANDY!

To celebrate my organization, and to help me make some more room for the fabric I have on it’s way to me RIGHT NOW, I’m giving away some really awful wonderful heavy camo fabric!

You know you want some right?

This pic doesn't do it justice! You NEEED this!

First one to tell me they want it gets it!  There is at least four yards of it!  Not sure what my mom purchased it for, but it’s mine now and I have yet to find a use for it in a house full of princesses and divas.
Now, who wants to come play in my new hideout?

4 thoughts on “Where have I been hiding?

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I would like that fabric. My daughter is learning how to sew and we don’t have a fabric store since Walmart stopped seeling fabric. 🙂 Unless someone else snagged it already.

  2. Ashley says:

    Looks great! I’m hoping for a “craft” room in my new house… I’ve already claimed the extra bedroom for my “office”… I think I might set up some craft space in there too! 🙂

  3. Rhoni says:

    I almost wish I was crafty so I could have a hideout like that. I AM getting a pseudo reading room in our new house though. Very cool space for you!

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