A Peanut Update: Our Due Date Has Come… and almost gone

Today, June 6th, 2010, is our due date. (If you want to make me scream, ask me if I’m sure I calculated it right… go ahead, I dare ya!)
Please come out Peanut
(Taderbug: “Please come out Peanut”)
It is a little past 7 pm and while I am still very very uncomfy, I doubt Peanut will make any grand entrances before the midnight hour.
Tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary.  My mom is having her tooth pulled and my little brother is receiving a scholarship.  She needs to be there for both events.  She missed his 18th birthday and his prom the week before last when she was here for our week long “peanut might arrive any day now but then he didn’t” marathon!  (Did you miss it?  It was painful… in more ways then one)
I’ve been spoiled most of the weekend with take out food (so momma didn’t have to cook) and was even treated to brunch with friends this morning.  I think hubs was hoping to bribe the baby out.  Maybe he thought if he crammed enough food in one side the baby would get pushed out the other.  I can’t be certain.  I do know that so far it has NOT worked.
He even tried putting my feet in a freezing cold kiddie pool to shock me into labor…. DID NOT WORK.
The girls had a blast….even when the rain came.
( We were trying out the new Pampers Splashers and I must say… I am a die hard Huggies Fan but these Splashers beat Lil’ Swimmers hands down!)
CIMG1575Don’t you just hate it when you try to get out of the pool and get stuck?  Poor Poor Bubbagirl…  Sissy couldn’t hardly stop laughing long enough to help her out.
A little dancing in the rain anyone?

Soooo very thirsty mom!

So, while I feel like I could easily ‘push’ real hard and pop something out of my …. well.. ya know…. I’m still pretty certain today/tonight is NOT going to be the night.  I know that our little Peanut will arrive when it is the right time.  My mom was induced with my littlest brother THREE times (each a week apart).  This little nugget of knowledge is proof to me that babies come when THEY are ready to come…. God is pretty cool that way.  Maybe Peanut is giving momma time to finish all those ‘little things’ she wanted to finish, tying up all those loose ends.
Thanks to all my bloggy, twitterin’, facebookin’ friends and family for your prayers!  Ya’ll ROCK… and keep the jokes coming!  Some days that’s all I have to cling to….

3 thoughts on “A Peanut Update: Our Due Date Has Come… and almost gone

  1. Jess says:

    I’m really surprised that little peanut didn’t come today. I figured after the walking yesterday that he would have come out.

  2. TaderDoodles says:

    UGH!  He walked me everywhere!  When you called me at the Teaverton sale I thought I was going to pass out.. then he walked me around Target!  NOTHING….  I thought for sure I’d at least start leaking waters or something… anything LOL

  3. Dana says:

    Hasn’t that baby come, yet? (Sorry, as a mama who always goes way past the due date, I’ve heard it enough! So it must be what you’re supposed to say.) 🙂

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