If I seem a little cranky…

it could be because:

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1. After thinking that my water was leaking and having EVERYONE rush to STAY at my house because the baby could arrive ANY MINUTE…. I found out I was wrong… (That was WEEKS ago)
2. I’m now being jokingly referred to as the Manatee, the Whale, the Elephant (since they gestate for EVER!), and ‘big fat momma’
3. After I finally got the toddler drama settled the FLIPPIN’ Ice Cream Truck shows up NOW and turns my quiet time into a frantic squeeling rush to find $4 ! “NOW MOMMA NOW OR SHE’LL LEAVE!!!”
4. I’ve been asked 4 times in two days “are you sure you calculated the due date correctly?” Um, yep, purty sure…  but then again. I might be a total idiot who can’t take the first day of my last period, find it on the calendar and then count down 40 weeks…  ya know, without my PhD and all.
5.  I’ve been asked “ya think ya might have it by Friday? or no?”…. um…  thought I would have had it TWO Friday’s ago.. apparently I don’t know JACK!
6. I hate having to ask hubby to do things that I feel are ‘my job’ (not being sexist here, and we work great as a team, just wish he wasn’t having to carry so much of my load for so long….  not that he’s complaining)
7. I finally gave in.  I did the deed that EVERYONE set would get things going (even the midwife and my MOM told me to) and … well.. do you see a baby? me either.
8. Sleep deprivation from heartburn, gas, contractions, and general discomfort will do that to you.
9. My house isn’t getting any cleaner.
10. I don’t fit in the bathtub…. at all.
So please forgive me.  I have cried, pouted, jumped up and down.  I even went for a motorcycle ride in a dang thunderstorm.  I have begged God for mercy.  It is just not time yet.  I’m frustrated, and I’m tired, and I want to move on.  I want to get past the visitors and the pictures and the new routines and get back to business.  Until then…I’ll continue to whine on twitter and earn my Swagbucks searching for new ideas for things to make and sell once I get my old etsy shop up and running again (gotta fund my new fabric addiction).

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