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Sitting on your tuckus for the better part of 6 weeks gives a momma lots of time to look around and see the crap that accumulates in a year.  You see, we moved here last May, and there was a TON of purging that went on during that process as we were going from a 1300 sq ft four bedroom home to a 950 sq ft 3 bedroom split level.  Even with the garage we seem to have less then half the space we had before.
As we wait for the arrival of our fourth child, I am becoming more and more aware of not only the NEW baby stuff coming in but all the other JUNK that has crept in since last year.  Once ‘peanut’ arrives and momma can get up and get going we’re going to do some housecleaning.  This time, however, this mom is not doing it alone.  No more sneaking toys out behind the kids backs.  No more doing all the hard work by myself.  Everyone gets a table….  you keep what you earn.  Hopefully, the girls will earn more then money.  Maybe they’ll earn a little understanding of what it means to let stuff go, appreciate what you have, and working hard for a buck.
My friend Peggy knows what I’m talking about when I start ranting about how unappreciative my kids are with regards to what they HAVE already! (you can check out her thoughts on this subject with her kids HERE)  With a room full of toys, they still whine about being bored.  They have been taught (my us and our parents unfortunately) that each trip to the store will probably end with a new something or another….  even when we tried to break the habit we couldn’t.  We like to shop.  Hubby and I will buy little things for each other throughout the year, rather then waiting for a holiday, and in turn the kids end up getting little things as well.  To us it’s a dollars worth of new water guns on a hot Saturday, to them it’s equivalent to a new Wii game.  They don’t see the difference at all.
So in an attempt to help them learn a few lessons in money and ‘stuff’ I have a game plan for this yard sale.
1. Each of us will have our own table.  What goes on your table is up to you, what your table earns is yours to keep.   I will also  handle the ‘family’ table, that will go towards, well, family stuff…. like a camping trip or our annual park pass.
2. Doodlebug will have her Lemonade/Koolaid/Water stand.  Taderbug will sell popcorn/cookies.
3. With a little luck, us girls will be selling some crafts.  I’m hoping to start up my old etsy store again and I think having a little immediate feedback on my products will help boost my confidence enough to really give it a go.  At a festival last year, a mom selling her wares had a small table at the front of her tent that had crafts in it her son made. Simple things like fun foam wands and crowns for $1 each.  He was so proud of himself, and my girls really enjoyed purchasing wands from him.  I gladly gave over my $2 because he was cute, and it looked like he had worked really hard.  Now to just find something for my girls to make….. any suggestions?
4. HEAT…  our yard gets terribly hot.  I hate a hot yard sale.  I won’t stick around and look.  I think this time I’ll borrow a couple easy ups from my in laws, or use some rope to rig up some tarps for some shade.  Maybe even plug up a fan just to offer a little breeze.
What tips do you have for yard sales?  Do you enjoy having them or do you tend to just donate your stuff?

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2 thoughts on “Purging, Cleaning, Kids and Yard Sales

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I don’t have yard sales. I hate doing them first of all, and second of all I live in a weird out of the way location that would never be good for a yard sale. I wouldn’t get any customers. I take all of our ‘stuff’ we would normally sell and donate it to the local homeless shelter. They have a thrift store they sell the stuff in to make money for the shelter.
    As for crafts for the kids to make, I dunno. I’m not creative or crafty at all.
    And congratulations on the new baby BOY!!

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