Menu Plan Monday- July 12th

It’s time to get back into the swing of things!  Baby is here, all the visitors have come and gone, and it’s time for momma to take back her house, her schedule, her budget and her KITCHEN!  Whoo Hoo!

I’m hoping to post about my new way of planning our menu but for now (as the munchkins will be returning home any moment now) I’ll have to just focus on sharing what our plan is for this week.

Monday: Sandwich Night,  I’m thinking BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Baked Beans and Corn.. I’ll bake up a couple pieces of plain chicken for the girls, and just add bbq to our in the end.

Tuesday: KIDS COOK NIGHT,  we may end up with chicken nuggets and pasta roni but I won’t be cooking!  I’m making a list of easy recipes so that next time I can have better ingredients in stock!

Wednesday:  Pasta Night, spaghetti!!  I have some ground beef already cooked and frozen (a OAMC strategy) so I can toss this together pretty easily.  Good thing too since I’ll be taking the two big girls to the dentist and I’m going to be T.I.R.E.D. after that.

Thursday: Leftover Night,  this is going to be a sad day, as our neighbors and best friends are moving back to Canada that day.  I think we’ll save time cooking dinner and waste it on making cookies instead.

Friday: Tapas Night,  I have to laugh a little here!  I asked #whatsfordinner on twitter the other night and @OttosMomBlogs responded that they were having Tapas.  When I asked her what that was she explained that it was just their way of making appetizer style finger foods sound fancy.  (You can find more of her here on her blog)  I went googling “tapas” and found it was a wide variety of snacks and appetizers in Spanish cuisine.  So, stealing her fancy word, I have decided to start our own Tapas night…  we’ll have raw veggies, nuts, fruits, mini sandwiches, and whatever else I can find for our fingers 🙂

Saturday:  Pizza Night!  Another twitter friend of mine, @adjunctmom gave me an awesome pizza crust recipe.  It makes approximately two crusts, depending on how thick you want your pizza.  So we’re going to make one for the kids and hubby and I will make one for us.  I think this week we’ll make a mexican pizza!

Sunday:  Crockpot night:  Haven’t decided what I’m going to make yet…  but I’m thinking we might finish off the last of our frozen pork roasts with some mashed taters.

What’s on your menu?


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