Downsizing our Homeschool


It’s summertime.  The baby has been born.  We have less then a month to get prepped for our new school year. 

The task looked daunting and I cringed every time I walked in the kitchen to see the remnants of last years school work staring at me.

The drawers full craft supplies.  The mostly finished workbooks.  The dried up gluesticks and broken crayons.

My friends were already tweeting about which stores had school supplies out.

So I went looking for what planner style I wanted to use, and what supplies I needed to buy and and and…



I need to do this small.  I need to stop trying to be the cool mom with all the neeto crafty big ideas.  I do NOT need to spend HOURS on end making up nifty notebooks that will not get used past the first week.  

I need to teach them to read, to write and to do math.  I do not need fancy stuff to do those things.  I have books.  I have paper. 

My new goal is to see how SIMPLIFIED I can make our homeschool this year.   Handwritten lesson plans, a spiral notebook, some filler paper with our old binders.  The curriculum we bought and some free online resources. 

I spent Monday afternoon packing up all their papers and workbooks.  I have “school stuff” that I’ve been packing and unpacking for years (like flash cards) that we NEVER use.  It’s time to let it go.  Just a big box of school stuff that I might just give away to the first person willing to pick it up.

I’m going to implement something similar to Amy’s Assignment Binders for our daily school work.  I also read through some of her other posts regarding scheduling and I think I’m going to move our “together time” to the afternoon.  That way Bubbagirl won’t be in my face while I’m trying to explain something but Taderbug can still get started on school right away (she’s my go-getter).

Once I get all the little things cleaned up and set up I’ll take pictures and show you what I’ve done!  With some luck and focus I might just get back some of my kitchen 🙂

What are you changing in your school this year?

2 thoughts on “Downsizing our Homeschool

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I am changing our whole curriculum this year from Abeka to Calvert and I am changing our start time. Last year we started at the very beginning of August but this year we are going to start at the beginning of September. I am not ready to start school in 2 weeks. I need more of a break than we have had. I have only taken them to the Y to swim 3 times so far this summer. I don’t know what we have been doing to stay so busy but we have been, somehow.

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