There was a menu plan..and then

I had a plan, and then I squashed it. 

I called my mom today, trying to act like it was all HER idea to start with, and invited myself and all my kids to her house this weekend!

I can get away with stuff like that.  Peanut helps.  He’s little and growing fast so Mom isn’t going to miss a chance to see him.

Yes, I’m totally using it to my advantage.  Terrible isn’t it.


I’m not leaving until Thursday so I still have HALF a week of meals planned out.

Here they are:

Tonight: Crockpot roasted chicken.  (check out our new BlogFrog community, where I just talked about cooking this FROZEN chicken LOL)

Tomorrow: Crockpot Chicken Tetrazzini

Wednesday: Bread Bowls and Chili :  this is our freezer night, where we’ll eat something that I made earlier (OAMC).  The bread bowls will be new from a recipe I found here.

We’ll leave Thursday (does anyone else see me visiting Chik-fil-a on the way to the interstate?) and be back sometime Sunday.

What are the chances my kitchen won’t be a wreck when I get home?  Does your spouse keep things clean while you’re away?

4 thoughts on “There was a menu plan..and then

  1. aplaceforthoughts says:

    With all that you do I think it’s amazing you have dinner for tonight planned! I hope you have a great time at your moms!!! I’m going to guess there is a mess in your kitchen when you get home. 🙂

  2. TaderDoodles says:

    I’m not always this put together and even last night it started to fall apart 🙂 The chicken was great, but it was put together with some instant mashed potatoes! So much for home cookin’
    Hubby will NORMALLY try to eat microwave stuff and I do have paper plates in the house (which is rare) so maybe I’ll just end up with a sink full of plates…and a full trash can.

    • TaderDoodles says:

      Steal away!
      I’m going to do my best to have fun. I really needed a break from the kids so I could prep for school stuff, but I can’t send Peanut without me. I told mom I was going to bring my school stuff and would have to take some time to write up some lesson plans. Once that is done we can cook, eat, craft and karaoke all weekend!

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