Healthy and frugal is saving my sanity

I’m not sure if my Taderbug is just a very ‘active’ kid

I mean she flippin’ jumps up and down like a yip yip dog while trying to ask you for a bowl of cereal

or, if maybe she’s got a little too much dye in her diet but we’re going to try something even if it’s wrong.

Two weeks ago, we took the girls to the grocery store and let them pick out some flavored water.  We avoided aspartame and kept an eye out for too much herbal extras.  Our focus right now isn’t on avoiding sugar, it’s on avoiding food coloring and after choosing a couple different varieties we headed home with about $40 worth of WATER in our cart.

I HATED spending that much on water BUT if it broke her from her normal drinks then it was worth it.

and it did…

which means now this frugal momma needs to find a way to NOT spend $40 in water at the grocery store.

Today we are drinking cucumber lemon water… no sugar… and she IS DRINKING IT!


I filtered the water through my Brita pitcher, cut up a small cuke and shot in a squirt of lemon juice. (My midwife says the lemon is good for the liver.)

Tomorrow, we’ll try cherries and frozen berries!

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