Count them one by one…

Not the kids. I already know how many of them there are.
They qualify for this list, but they are obvious additions.
I’m trying to be more specific for today….because I’ve been a bit of a downer lately….feeling “crispy” as my friend Sunday would put it.
I feel the need to remind myself of the little things I have been blessed with today.
In no particular order:

  1. I instant messaged hubby that I didn’t know what to fix for dinner and he read between the lines and picked up my favorite ‘tv dinner’….and cooked it for me….and served it to me…..and then made chocolate chip cookies.
  2. He did all this while recovering from a severe sinus infection, after working all day, and knowing he had to go to work again tonight at 1 am.
  3. Each of my children smiled at me this morning when they first saw me.
  4. Our troubles with the old house (can’t make payments, renters left, need to short sale etc.) may provide us an opportunity to help my mom out of an abusive relationship, even if it’s only for a short while.
  5. Even though I’m sweaty right now (not in a good way either), it’s because the sun shone today.
  6. If I really wanted to I have air conditioning that I could turn on, a lot of people in hotter places don’t have that option.
  7. I may be behind on my blog reading but I can read, and the fact that my reader is full of posts means I have lots of bloggy friends out there writing great, helpful, frugal, inspirational and funny things….and sharing them with me.
  8. It also means I can read.
  9. I have TONS of laundry. I have been blessed that my friends, family and hubby’s job that has donated, shared and bought plenty of clothes for all of us.
  10. Our tiny house. Ok, it’s not tiny, but it seems that way to us.  There is no where to hide, to get away, or to have alone time.  While at this ‘crispy’ moment this doesn’t feel so much like a blessing I know that it is.  It means we can’t hide….I get to see hubby and the kids get to see me and I get to see them and hubby gets to see us.  We see and hear and talk and share and hug and sit close and laugh at how loud Daddy snores because there is no way to NOT be present.

God sent me my husband, perfectly created for my chaotic personality.  Then God sent us four adorable and different children.  I pray that I can glean from the trials of today the lessons He is showing me.   Apparently when it comes to lessons in patience and mercy I am a slow learner. 🙂