Monkey See Monkey Do

We’re back in Charlotte County for a few days, hanging with the out in laws, getting ready for Great Papa’s 80th birthday party.  The girls broke in their new outfits by playing “ants” (or something) in the grass.

I did finally get them up to show off their new duds take a decent picture.

I didn’t make the T’s or Bubbagirl’s dress, just the big girls jumper tops and denim pants.  I used this Bubblegum Jumper tutorial from From An Igloo.  My girls weren’t home when I cut out the fabric so I used a standard size chart to get my measurements from.  Since Taderbug is a bit small for her age her outfit ended up a little bigger than I wanted.  Good thing they grow and not shrink.
The pants are from You Can Make This .com!  It’s the Easy Fits Pants Pattern and I love it!  The pants were put together in less then an hour.
I added the covered buttons just because I had the button kits sitting there and the tops looked so plain…(that’s my excuse so just go with it).
Well, it’s late now, and I’ve been interrupted about 50 bajillion times while trying to type this up, so I’m going to leave you with one more picture and a big hug goodnight!  Birthday party tomorrow, must get some sleep.

6 thoughts on “Monkey See Monkey Do

  1. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    The outfits are adorable and I’m uber impressed at your outfit-makin’ skillz! ‘Specially since I ain’t got any! LOL!! And I’m really glad they didn’t grass stain them with their adventures! I think the buttons look great – one of my fave parts!

  2. Peggy Brister says:

    I just now read this post from 2 days ago. I have been neglecting my Google reader for 3 days and am just now catching up. Your girls are adorable. Your son is too but the girls are just too cute for words. I wish I could make cute kids clothes like you do, but that will never come to pass. I will stick with my tote bags. I have vowed to one dat learn how to embroider but I am sure that’s years away.

  3. TaderDoodles says:

    Thanks for the compliments ladies!
    I was a little disappointed that Doodlebugs britches lost a seam in the wash but I serged it back up… that’s what I get for rushing the night before and not serging my seams before I let them wear them.

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