Pity Party of one is now being seated at the bar

Sorry ya’ll… but I think I hit my limit today.  I cried to the gas station cashier.
So since Mr. B is out of town and I can’t just cry out my sorrows and frustrations to him I’m going to have to subject you guys to the bullet points.
I have to get the anger/frustration/nausea/disgust/and general unChristianlike thoughts and desires out of my head so I can get up tomorrow, clean my puked in car and move on to all the great things I had planned to do this week.
I’ll keep it in bullet points so we can get the party started and over with quickly.
In all honesty ya’ll… this is for my sanity, and maybe to let one of you know that it gets this crazy for everyone….  because once I’m done typing, I’m gonna want to laugh… so get your twitter fingers ready to tweet me a joke okay!

  • Last Friday the dentist called to confirm my 4pm appt (FOR TODAY) to have my tooth pulled, I confirmed.
  • Hubby came home Friday night and told me he had to work out of town TUES through THURS.
  • Woke up Saturday and had to get 6 people packed and out the door in under 2 hours… oh.. and look nice because we were seeing hubby’s friends who hadn’t seen us since right after Bubbagirl was born.
  • While getting carseats out of my car and into the truck hubby realized my battery was dead.. probably because of one of the kids. Said he’d charge it when we got back.
  • Had to cancel dentist appt over answering machine
  • This also meant I had to take the girls to their first karate and ballet classes without hubby…  something he promised them he’d be at… (Thank you Jesus for the job and the paycheck…  even if Daddy misses these days)
  • I saw OUR house for the first time in at least 9 months.  My renters, whom I knew and went to church with, (their FATHER was my Preacher), broke my heart and my home… oh, and they didn’t leave the keys where I asked them too.  In front of the realtor we broke in, and she watched me see the damage for the first time.
  • Taderbug, who is having some issues intestinally, was recently put on double adult doses of Miralax…  at our old house where there was NO toilet paper she had an accident, that she could not control.
  • On the way home from the old town Doodlebug complained of nausea, Taderbug cried over not having found a lizard at Papa’s house, and Bubbagirl cried over..  well, she just cried for no good reason.
  • Two hours later, we are 15 minutes from home and we had to stop, for fear someone would either get sick or pee in the truck.
  • Peanut screamed for over an hour while I tried to watch a movie with hubby, feed kids and get them in bed.
  • Woke up at the butt crack of dawn….ahhh… quiet coffee time
  • Taderbug woke up talking… about EVERYTHING… LOUDLY…
  • Doodlebug woke up whining… about Taderbug… LOUDLY…
  • Bubbagirl played like an angel…  an angel hell bent on sticking any thing it can find into any orifice it can find on a small boy named Peanut.
  • Peanut woke up being tortured/kissed/pulled/pinched/whacked by one of three big sisters.
  • Doodlbug started fussing about a headache, and a stomach ache.
  • I ignore it because we all have anxiety issues… she’d be fine.
  • Got the kids ready early, house is trashed but we’re dressed…  loaded them in the car, went to climb in myself and saw the battery charger on my seat
  • Started charging the battery while I found a neighbor to jump it… tried NOT to roll my eyes at the number of wives who either didn’t know what to use (ummmm jumper cables) or HOW to use them.
  • Called hubby and found out my cables were in HIS truck. nice honey, thanks.
  • Neighbors hubby comes home and jumps the car. Find out Bubbagirl turned on my wipers, and my hazard lights, and popped the trunk… this all equals one DEAD battery.
  • Karate held in building not identified on ANY FRIGGIN MAP, nor sign, or poster, or anything…
  • Gym had stairs to get in door ….. ahem.. I had four kids and a double stroller
  • No A/C in gym
  • Wrestled 2 year old for 45 minutes while trying to hear class.
  • Met a new mom of four… she followed me to my car to make sure it would start… left and realized I never got her name.
  • Doodlebug puked in car as I pulled into the gas station. She hit both front seats, the middle console, the floor, the air vent, my purse, her sister, and her tennis shoes… the floorboard of my car was packed with toys, papers, etc.
  • It’s dark outside, I’m afraid of the dark.. it will NOT get cleaned tonight.
  • I got gas and pulled up away from the main line of traffic, did the ‘bad mom’ thing, cracked the windows, locked the doors, grabbed the keys and my debit card and told them to stay put.
  • Dude getting lotto tickets…  gets one, then decides to get another… well hey, how bout another…  oh and don’t forget ….
  • Two others in line, finally my turn and I realize I forgot Bubbagirls milk. This is practically her ONLY form of food…  I HAD to have it.  I asked the clerk if they had milk, he said yes, I asked do you have GALLONS  and he said yes, so I asked “Can you ring me up for one with the rest of this?” and he said “I have to scan it” and pointed FOUR FEET AWAY to the cooler with the milk.  I pushed the rest of my stuff to him so he could start scanning and said “Thanks, I’ll grab one” and practically leaped to the cooler.
  • I came back to find he had pushed my stuff aside and rang up the next person.  I stood patiently, confused but patient, until the man pulled out his change and starting lining it up on the table.  I’m not even sure he could add it up.  I just burst into tears.  I didn’t say a word. I as just standing there crying. Knowing my kids were in the car, covered in vomit crying… wondering what was taking mommy so long…in the dark…  The cashier shrugged his shoulders and said “ma’am you weren’t here”
  • Came home to empty house, unloaded all the kids, put them in the tub, poured ginger ale, and tried to stop crying.
  • Started crying again feeing guilty over being so angry with the man at the gas station, and my ex-renters, and hubby, and his job, and myself….

Tomorrow I will clean the car.
Tomorrow we will take Taderbug to ballet and bring ginger ale and plastic bag with us…just in case.
I will never again go to that gas station.
I will NEVER rent a house again.
I will say my prayers and thank God for my husbands job even if it leaves me alone at the worst times.
I will be excited that Doodlebug LOVED karate…even better then dance or gymnastics.
and I will say a special prayer tonight for the neighbors, the nice man who helped get the stroller inside, the nice lady that helped get it out, the new friend who made sure my car would start, the criminal who didn’t steal my kids or my car or wait in my house for my return and all my twitter buddies who offered me virtual hugs and digital shoulders to cry on tonight.

8 thoughts on “Pity Party of one is now being seated at the bar

  1. Sara says:

    I can relate with most of this! You’re not alone in crying to the gas station cashier- he deserved a lot worse. 🙂 And I’ve discovered that the dirtier your car is, the less puke makes its way to the carpet. Most of that stuff probably needed to be thrown out anyway.
    Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better! Prayers and hugs for you!

    • TaderDoodles says:

      Thanks Sara!
      Well Wednesday was still craptastic other then hubby coming home early as a surprise, BUT 🙂 Thursday went better 🙂 and now that I know where their classes are at we’re hoping to avoid some anxieties next week!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. <<>> I had a day similar to yours 7 years ago. I still remember every detail. All the puke, tears, and anger. I’m so very sorry.

    • TaderDoodles says:

      🙁 I’m pretty sure this week will go down in history for me. Good news is, hubby is home now and even though he’s having big bad nasty problems at work he is getting to handle them from home where I can at least demand his help when things get crazy!
      What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?

  3. Heather says:

    Bless your heart! I am so sorry you had that happen. I think we have all been there, feeling like we are at the bottom of the rope and someone else is pulling the strings! Take a deep breath, I’m glad you wrote it all down and got it out. The only way to go from down is UP! I believe in you girl and you are a great Mom!! Never doubt that!

    • TaderDoodles says:

      Thanks Heather!
      It does get tough when before you can recover from one hit you get hit again. Now we know where our classes are (we got lost on Wednesday going to ballet too) AND Daddy is home, so things should turn around for the better.
      BTW.. we need a park date or something!

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