An Update on The Mommy Helper!

OMG Ya’ll! That was awesome 🙂 and my buddy @Jessstrack is bringing her daughter over on Thursday and I get to have a break again !

Some of my scraps are actually organized by fabric type...

I didn’t get as much sewing done as I hoped because I was too busy TAKING ORDERS!  WHOO HOOO 🙂  I’m so excited that ya’ll are thinking my stuff is cute!  I also tried to fix some coding and a graphic I had made for @BabyCakesBows and packed up some stuff for @cassie_d_ape .
It was really nice to be able to say “Hi Honey” to hubby when he got home without having to shout over the whining and caterwauling of little kids.
Now I have two days to figure out what to do on Thursday….

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