The Mommy Helper


Today is going to be a G.R.E.A.T. Day… wanna know why?

Of course you do!

Today is going to be GREAT because today I have a Mommy’s Helper coming over. 

I posted a status update last week on Facebook begging for a responsible teenager and I know have TWO great girls written down in my phone book. (Ok, so who actually has a paper phone book anymore..I know… I actually have their moms email addresses saved on my blackberry… how’s that)

The 14 year old coming by today will be staying for FOUR GLORIOUS HOURS!  It will be during the time she would normally be having supper so her mom and I have agreed that she will either bring a snack or eat with us, whichever she prefers.  I emailed her yesterday with what we were planning to have for dinner (homemade pizza!).

The plan is that she will take all my kids outside… even the baby.  Take them for a walk in the stroller, push them on the swing, or just watch them run.  I don’t really care what they play as long as they are safe and I am not sitting outside with them!

So today I have two ‘to do’ lists.  One for what I want to do while she’s here and one labled “5 Things for Today” to get done before she gets here.

The 5 things include starting some laundry, starting some dishes, brushing my teeth, doing homeschool, and emptying the bathroom trash cans.  I’m ambitious huh?!

Well, it IS Monday remember?

In the meantime I’m hoping to sneak in a cutting session with my fabric. So when she arrives I can just sew sew sew!

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