I've got a new attitude!

I’ve got a new attitude and a new resolve to create peace in my home.  I realize it will not always be calm and nice with four little ones running around. I also realize that I have been a big part of the problem.  My attitude has been antagonistic, even towards the kids.  My need to control things and have it done my way (the best way LOL), has left everyone feeling inadequate and unable to please me.  No wonder they seem lazy and oblivious to what needs to be done.  I wouldn’t want to try any more either.
Hubby is gone again for a few days for work.  He has forewarned me that he’ll be gone a lot over the next few weeks.  He normally returns from these trips to complete chaos and a wife ready to drop the kids in his lap and run for the hills.  Not this time.
This time I want him to come home to a calmer house, no matter what I have to do to get it that way.
I’ll light a scented candle, maybe apple cinnamon.  We’ll color Welcome Home Daddy signs.  I’ll fix dinner in the crock pot.  I will shower and brush my teeth. (No makeup… and I might be in jammies.. but I’ll aim to at least be clean 🙂  )
I want our bed made, his recliner empty, and the kitchen table clear.  Those three things would make me feel better.
I want to start teaching my family how to respect me and be considerate to my  needs by respecting them and being considerate the theirs.  I want to stop the yelling by not yelling.  I want to end the bad reactions to frustration that my children have by changing MY reactions to frustration.
And I want to go back to starting each day with God.  This time I want my kids to see me to it.
My friend Cassie said that “attitude was a choice”. She was correct. It is a choice.
What did you chose today?

6 thoughts on “I've got a new attitude!

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I also yell at my kids and I react badly usually when something doesn’t go just how I want it to go. I get very hostile sometimes with my attitude and have even had my DD tell me that I was acting like I didn’t love them. Well, not THEM, just HER. She is under the impression that I love DS more and give him favorable treatment. But I tried to explain to her he gets treated better because he acts better. He doesn’t sass me and roll his eyes every 5 minutes. She asks for how she gets treated. But I know I could be nicer about things most of the time.
    I know I always talk to my kids right before Jeremy gets home and tell them to remember to be calm and quiet and not get on his nerves while he is home. I hate noisiness but he dislikes noise even more than I do. So lucky for me the kids STFU and calm down for the week he is home. You aren’t the only one who wears the same clothes for 2 days in a row and forgets to brush her hair. I do that too. LOL

  2. aplaceforthoughts says:

    Lisa, I can’t imagine what it is like with 4 since (for now) I just have one little one at home but something that I’ve had to do so that I feel better is I get up and get in the shower first thing before the little guy wakes up. It helps me feel better to have those few minutes to refresh and reflect on what I need to reflect on. Depending on how early I get up some mornings I have time for my caffeine and even some make up before he wakes (he is an early riser) and other times I just need to get dressed and get him but the nice relaxing shower helps me for sure.
    I like your attitude. Just know that it is okay to have a harder day. Make sure on those days especially that you take time for you even if it’s just 5 minutes.
    Keep us posted on how it is going. Like you I also need to get back to starting my days with God. Desperately.

  3. Jenn says:

    beautifully written and well said. I agree with what aplaceforthoughts says though, remember it is okay to have a harder day-and don’t be hard on yourself if you do 🙂 I think you have a great attitude and you’ll succeed!

  4. Beth Bentley says:

    This is so true!! It is so easy to get stressed out and take it out on everyone else and letting everything get to us. I am trying to change my attitude as well. I let my kids get the best of me a lot of times and their constant screaming and fighting doesn’t help at all, but I am trying to HANDLE it better. I even tell them to take a break today, lol. And….Of course, the Hubby gets the worst of it when he comes home. Doesn’t help anyone by being ill and mad all the time.

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