Channeling my inner beer commercial…

(Now, I’m wondering if it was a beer commercial or not…oh well)

Wow, how a week can flip so fast!  God is really testing me this week 🙂
Hubby was sent out of town for three days – last minute thing.  Today was karate, tomorrow is ballet AND we were hoping to get a call about a possible Yukon Denali for sale.  Now IF the call comes in I’ll have to do negotiations over the phone OR take all four kids to the dealership alone.  I keep praying that we’ll make the right decision with this.  It could be a really good thing or a really bad thing and I have a hard time knowing the difference when deep down I WANT it so much.
I’ve been all caught up in my new plan to get healthy. I’d like to say that’s why I haven’t blogged lately but we all know I’m just flighty and easily distracted – SQUIRREL!!
I started the Couch to 5K yesterday and surprisingly survived.  I have run since…well, ever.
In a week I have managed to get my jeans up almost all the way.  My goal was by Thanksgiving so I’m not complaining at all.
I was staying up late tonight, since hubby is gone, and was planning on sewing but now I’m on a caffeine crash.  I want to get a few new things listed in my ArtFire shop since my buddy at Just the 10 of us is hosting a giveaway for MY SHOP!  Check out her review of my Lil Dribbler!
OH!  I keep forgetting!  I did my first guest post 🙂  (Did I tell you this already?)
It’s over on Smockity Frocks blog, it’s a recipe for Potato Bread!
I guess I have yapped enough for one night.  So before my typos get out of hand I’m going to take my lil man and find a place for us to sleep.  The big girls have taken over my bed since Daddy is gone.

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