“God Bless the Broken Road…

that led me straight to you.” (Rascal Flatts)

On October 1st, 1996, I went to a friends house with one of my girlfriends to have a beer and complain about my ex.  HE welcomed us in and introduced us to two of his friends. One of them was Mr. B.

At approximately 2 a.m. on November 2nd, 1996, I asked Mr. B to officially be my boyfriend.

He said okay.

Ten minutes later I asked him if he’d marry me.

He said he’d been wanting to ask me that for the past two weeks.

Mid May 1997, I baked him a chocolate cake and cooked our favorite frozen pizza (we were poor as dirt doggonit), and asked him if we could move the date up a year or so.

He said okay.

And on June 7th, 1997 we made it official.  No one has seen these pictures in a long, long time.

There were no digital cameras.  There were no limos.  There was moonshine.  There were tents in the yard (for family). There was a bonfire.  My mom was my Maid of Honor.  On his grandmother’s front steps, so she could attend the ceremony, and quickly retreat to her bed (she was undergoing chemo).



(he looks a bit devilish there doesn’t he?)


Dear Mr. B,

I loved you then. I love you now. Faults and all.  I love our fights. I love our making up.  I love the hand holding.  I love the getting lost in your eyes (still!) standing in line at Walmart.  I love that you said yes.

Happy 14 years together baby… 


Mrs. B

5 thoughts on ““God Bless the Broken Road…

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I thought this was an anniversary post but how could it be if you got married on June 7th, 1997? And then it dawned on me that you asked him to be your boyfriend on November 2nd and today is…well, you get the idea. It takes me a minute sometimes…
    My DH and I got engaged after only having been together for less than 2 months and we were married 7 months later, so met and married in less than a year. But that was just 4 years ago. We are still on our honeymoon. (Rolling my eyes very hard you just can’t see them)

  2. TaderDoodles says:

    I sent hubby a message yesterday that said “Happy Anniversary” and it confused the crap out of him! ROFL
    So I sent him a link to this post 🙂
    He laughed this morning at the realization he’s been married for as long as he could legally drink alcohol. He asked me if it was a coincidence. Silly boy.

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