Halloween Horror

I struggled with what to title this post.  So many good titles.
Take a moment to check the pics in my last post.  Seem my purty little mermaid?
Cute huh.
Not this morning.
This morning her mouth is swollen, her tongue is swollen, she is developing two black eyes and her nose is so tender  I can’t even wipe away the snot.
Her head is laying on my chest, with a new prefold cloth diaper between us to catch the drool as she can’t close her mouth to make suction to swallow without pain.
She can’t even eat a popsicle. She has had no food since lunchtime yesterday, where she didn’t really eat lunch, just some light snacks.  She only drinks to wash down the nasty antibiotic they gave her.
Yesterday morning, my mom and Taderbug (the lil mermaid) went to sit on the back deck.  They wanted to take Peanut with them, so we moved his jumpy seat onto the deck.  Tader came in a bit later to fetch her umbrella.  She wanted to hold it up to keep the sun out of his eyes.  She returned a few minutes later crying.
“I’m a bad sister” she said. “My umbrella is broke and I can’t even keep the sun out of my little brother’s eyes!”
It was heartbreaking. Seeing her standing there judging herself poorly over something so silly and simple.  So I did what I would imagine any mom would do. I went outside and opened the big patio table umbrella to block the sun from Peanut’s eyes.  There were not giant wind gusts.  Yet thinking back on it there was that brief moment when I thought “this may not be a good idea”.
Mom had the same thought.  When hubby arrived home from work (oddly 4 hours early) he had the same thought.  We all ignored it.
UPS arrived with Doodlebug’s birthday present Spy Gear and I sent them all out to play.  Moments later we heard the scream, and saw Tader walk in the back door with blood gushing from her mouth.  The inside looking like it had been in a blender.  One tooth swallowed. Two about to fall out into her hand.  The umbrella had taken flight, and just as the girls were coming around the side of the house, running and giggling, the umbrella landed – the steel spoke landing in Tader’s mouth.
The post could get terribly long and boring with more details so I’ll cut to the amazing part.  This happened on Friday.
On Saturday she went Trunk or Treating and on a hayride with her sisters:

That night she had birthday cake with her sister (aka Taylor Swift).
And on Sunday, not only did she trick or treat, but she ate pizza.
This could have been so much worse.  It could have been her eye.  It could have been permanent teeth.  Things could have been irreparably broken.  God was there with her.  I know that for sure.  He was with me, keeping me calm while I drove us to the hospital, hubby fussing from the back seat.  He was with my mom, who cannot handle any type of bodily fluid, as she did her best to clean the floor and the door and the carpet.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Horror

  1. Dana Lambert says:

    I’m so glad to know she is ok! God was definitely with you all, but especially your sweet Mer-girl! ((HUGS)) Praying it heals quickly!!

  2. TaderDoodles says:

    Thanks ladies 🙂
    It was pretty scary. I was very impressed with the speedy service in the ER.
    I think I would have been more devastated had it been one of the other kids playing… one of the neighbor’s kids.

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