My Top 5 Rants

mindbump suggested by Tattletale
“The top 5 things to rant about and end up with a blog post :)”

1. My kids. Usually when they are exhibiting behavior I myself do and should stop doing.  Like copping an attitude.
2. My in laws. Because I didn’t grow up with them so I don’t feel the need to “understand where they are coming from” like I do with my own parents.
3. My house. Because unlike my friends houses mine refuses to clean itself.  What the heck? I’m nice enough. I keep it warm and dry (mostly). The least it could do is the dishes. Geeeesh.
4. Companies. Actually, I usually tweet this. Comcast doesn’t exactly read my blog. Neither does RIM. So blogging about my internet failing or my blackberry being a glorified paperweight does me no good.  But I will tweet the heck out of it! (well, when the internet comes back up and my phone is working)
5. Finances. Do I really need to explain this one?