Observe, Compare, Contrast: A Science Worksheet

One of the easiest ways to “do” science is to just use your eyes and observe the world around you!
Look at fruit, trees, bugs.
Examine types of floors, colors of flowers, smells from the spice rack.
Here is a simple chart we print and use to fill in our findings.

Observe, Compare and Contrast Science Worksheet
In column one we simply write (or draw) what we see.  What color is the apple?  What shape is the cinnamon stick?
In the second column we compare how they are alike.  The apple and orange are both round.  The tree and the bush are both green.
In the last column we show how they are different.  Red vs. Orange.  Tall vs. Short. Strong smell vs. No smell.
Please feel free to download our simple spreadsheet and add to your collection of fun worksheets!
Come back and let us know what you observed.