Custom shoe designs

Due to a painful comment from Taderbug where she told me I NEVER did anything fun with them, I broke out the crafty stuffs and plopped down on the kitchen floor for some fun.
In the end I cried and tried not to yell as they both abandoned me half-craft to go play with their friends and left me to clean up.
I saw the idea for Modge Podge Shoes over on Ashley’s blog Make It and Love It a while ago.  When I stumbled upon some canvas tennies at that big WAL-store for $1 I snagged the girls each a pair with full intentions of making them skirts and matching shoes.
I plan to do a lot of things.  Much of it is on my Round Tuits list.
So I pulled out the shoes and some tubs of scrap fabric, my modge podge and some paint brushes and we went to town.
That is, until they thought their friends might be home and they left me to go back outside and play.  You know, me and my glue and brushes and scraps all sprawled out on the floor waiting for me to pick them up. Yea… cuz kids ROCK like that.
Here’s where they stopped:

What craft have you been dumped in the middle of?  Do you try to stick to quick crafts?  How do you motivate your kids to stick to a craft that requires time and patience?

7 thoughts on “Custom shoe designs

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I don’t really do crafts with my kids. I use to buy those craft of the month craft kits for the kids and after about 2 of them neither kid wanted to do them anymore. My kids have also told me I never do anything fun with them but like I told them, I take them to the movies sometimes, I take them out to eat sometimes and that’s about as fun as I get. It’s not like we have a circus here in town to go to and I hate to play board games so they will just have to get over themselves. They can always go outside and play, but that usually bores them too. My kids are never satisfied so I don’t even try. I told them I can really be a bitch and take away all their video games and the satellite out of their rooms and we can see how “fun” their life becomes. It’s my job to raise and feed them, not to constantly entertain them. I am boring and they just have to accept it, or go stay with their dad more. He is a professional NAPPER so I can only imagine how fun it will be over at this place. Anyway. I am done carrying on in your comments. =)

    • TaderDoodles says:

      Bonnie, these shoes would have been WAY cuter if they would finish them! I saw a tut somewhere and the lady had cut the fabric into little pieces like this. I thought this way would be easier for the girls.

  2. Laurie Harley says:

    Have you tried a “you make it, you clean it” rule? We have one, and my kids help clean, even if i have to wait for them to return to do it. I’m trying to keep in place a rule that they cannot start something new until the old game is cleaned up. But this isn’t working as well as i would like. The girls’ room is ridiculous. You cannot step on the floor w/o stepping on something. But when we have a project, they stay and help clean. We’ve done it often enough that they expect to help clean and no longer complain about it… which is nice. =)

    • TaderDoodles says:

      The only way we could enforce the “one thing at a time” rule was by putting toys in mini tubs and they could take out one tub at a time. It’s hard to do that now 🙁
      And my feelings were so hurt (cuz I’m a mush ball right now) that I let them go so I wouldn’t yell at them.

  3. Laurie Harley says:

    Lisa, i understand the whole bin thing. We actually have each thing in a bin. It doesn’t work. Because they want to play Barbies, but with the Polly Pocket cars for the kids. Or they want to play Webkinz… but with the play food. They tend to take a regular mess and super size it every time.
    Did you tell Tader that she hurt your feelings? #1 has said stuff like that before, and my first instinct is to say, “That wasn’t nice. Do i really *never* do anything fun with you?” Of course, i don’t know your daughter… mine is super sensitive. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Her and i are in tune. I worry when #2 gets a little older. She has her father’s personality. I hope i’m as able to relate.

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