Salt tray "chalk boards"

Today school was tough. There was whining and fussing about rounding numbers to the nearest 100.  There was laying on the floor in near tears over not remembering our basic math facts.  I knew for sure there would be crying over doing cursive practice.
Then I remembered something a friend of mine mentioned to me.  She had suggested I pour salt on a cookie sheet and let my daughters write in the salt.  (It was during a conversation about teaching phonics)
I wondered if the change up, the idea of playing with food, the texture and the ability to easily “shake” away your mistakes would put my Doodlebug at ease with working on her math.
So I pulled out a craft tray and covered the bottom with salt.

I think it was successful 🙂 Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Salt tray "chalk boards"

  1. TaderDoodles says:

    yep, I bought some cheap plastic trays from Oriental Trading so when I let them play with the playdoh that OTHER people bought them it would NOT be on my table. I have a love hate relationship with kids and crafts.

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