Family is for sharing right?

Many of you already know that I am out and about visiting family this week.  My “poor” hubby is home all alone  *insert sarcastic awwww* while I hang out near the East Coast visiting my aunt, my mom and all the family that comes with that.
I rarely get to visit my Aunt alone.  In fact, most family comes out to my moms house to see me when I’m there.  Driving the extra hour from Suffolk into the Beach area is a lot after I’ve already driven almost four hours.  This weekend was going to be a treat!
I was going to Aunt S’s house to have a two night slumber party with her and my 8 year old cousin K! My uncle was out of town for work, so with the exception of my Peanut it was a total girl party.
But… the two year old threw up chocolate milk as we entered the tunnel.  The LONG tunnel on 64 that takes you from Hampton to Chesapeake.
Then the nine year old heaves out the back widow, down the door of my car, like some college freshman at their first frat party AS I am trying to make a u-turn through town to get back on the bypass the correct direction.
For the next 12 hours there was a lot of heaving and very little sleeping.  Then it just seemed to disappear.  Must have just been car sick right?
So before I left to drive out to moms house I picked up some Dramamine.  Dosed them right up.  Made it to moms without incident. Score one for mom.
Two hours later, everything I had eaten returned on me.  For the next 12 hours my 6 year old and I took turns in the bathroom.  More heaving, no sleeping.
I called my aunt yesterday to let her know that it had NOT been motion sickness. She said she knew it already.  She had been in bed all day – trying not to heave.
I was just sharing. That’s a good trait right?
Now I’m praying that I did NOT share with mom, or my step dad, or my brother, or his girlfriend.

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