Stolen from Public School…. it’s Math Blitz Week!

Salt Tray Math

My friend Laurie tweeted this morning about her local school system having a Math Blitz Week and how she was going to do the same thing with her kids this week.  Being the total copycat mom that I am I have stolen her idea and the school’s idea and am having a math blitz week of our own!

Today, made up some basic addition facts flash cards and practiced them, both grades (3rd and 1st) together.  Then we drew a giant number 10 on a piece of art paper and decorated all around it with the many facts that equal ten.  The girls earned a tootsie roll for remembering all of them without my help.  I pulled out some old workbooks and set Tader up at the kitchen table to work through the fun pages while Doodlebug and I sat on the floor to formally introduce her to multiplication.

My NON math child now knows how to multiply and filled in a multiplication table up to the nines!!  I couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some links to the resources we’ll be using this week!

Won’t you join us!?

2 thoughts on “Stolen from Public School…. it’s Math Blitz Week!

  1. Laurie Harley says:

    Girl, i am totally copying some of your ideas! Already preparing the math facts for the number 10 right now. We started back easy, and i tricked the girls into math. We made paper snowflakes. Then i started talking about lines of symmetry. We’re going to do lines of symmetry on the alphabet later today. This was one of Annie’s faves a few years ago and it’s been long enough to re-introduce it again. I’m going to be blogging about our week, too, so i’ll keep you posted with any fun ideas i stumble upon. I’m so happy that you’ve joined in the Math Blitz fun! =D

  2. Rose says:

    I was familiar with most of the sites you listed but was a new one for me. I checked it out and love it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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