Our new baby play pad, from Bright Starts

About a month ago, I sent hubby an instant message asking him to PLEASE buy the baby a little play mat so he could lay down and kick at some rings.  I even sent him a link to one at Target (along with a link to a pricier one so he could see how frugal and reasonable I was being).  He went to Target.  He came home with milk.  Just milk.
When he saw my face he suddenly remembered the play mat request and agreed to pack us ALL up to go back to Target.
Apparently he understands the concept of “if mama ain’t happy no one is happy”.
He’s a good man.
Occasionally a smart man.
Well, the store was completely out of the one I had picked.  They had the two ‘fancy’ more expensive ones (of course).
I pouted. A lot.
While my head was hung, pouting, contemplating what I would make him buy me instead, I saw the box – pushed to the back- with the Bright Starts Baby Play Mat in it:

It was more than I wanted to pay, but it did SO MUCH MORE than what I had been looking for. I loved it and I made it mine!
Lucky for me I did because my not-even-six-month-old is crawling and rolling and trying to climb and the flip up sides give me a few extra seconds to get there before he gets himself in trouble.  The toys unlink and can be moved to the links I have on the stroller and the car seat!
I waited to post my review here and on amazon because I wanted to see how well it washed up.
Well, it did great!  There was a tiny bit of shrinking (mainly because of my dryer) but the plastic side supports went back in with no problem.
It is almost a shame that we’re not having any more kids because this is something I would use over and over again!
When I traveled to my moms house before Thanksgiving I slipped the plastic sides out, and folded up the rest.  It was easier to tote around than my pack and play!
As a side note:  Our 2yo LOVES to climb in it at night with a pillow and blanket.