A few Saturday Christmas crafts

I was trying to find a few easy Christmas crafts I might could do with the kids this weekend that wouldn’t end with me wanting to stuff them all in a box and ship them to my aunt in New Mexico.  (She lives the farthest away)
I thought I’d share them with you since most are easy paper projects with things you might already have laying around….or you can easily substitute with something else.
Paper Sphere Ornaments
Paper Ball Ornaments
Coffee Filter Christmas Trees
3D Stars
Origami Boxes… great for gifts or for decorations!
I’ll post pics if we get anything finished!

2 thoughts on “A few Saturday Christmas crafts

  1. Shay says:

    Ooooh, thanks for sharing! We’re always looking for things to keep little hands busy. I love the new (well, new to me anyway) look of your blog! 🙂

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