Bathtub Blogging

Right now. This very moment. I am blogging from the bathtub.

I am blogging from the bathtub on my crapberry while my hubby sits downstairs WITH the mommy helper and watches OUR children so I can shower alone.
Twenty bucks says I will still be interupted.
The bubbles are nice. What is nicer is that they don’t smell like Mr bubble. ¬†Instead they are some froofroo stuff that is supposed to make me smell purty. The water behind me is considerably colder than the water in front because after four babies my behind is so wide that I create a dam in the tub and the hot water cannot get back there.
Can someone please explain to me why we (moms . . . And the occassional dad) have to resort to reading,writing,working,vlogging and paying bills from the tub or the toilet just to have a moment of peace??!!
I’m a good parent. Somehow I forgot or just flat out failed at teaching my kids their boundaries. They are A priority but not THE end all be all top priority all the time any time!
I think the only way to fix it, at least here, it to have hubby step up and tell the kids that they are not to disturb me. I think changing this trend will require a team effort. And locks.
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2 thoughts on “Bathtub Blogging

  1. kelly hoosier says:

    Haha, I’ve blogged many times from the bathtub! My husband works 12 hour night shifts. So even when he is available to watch the kids for me, I multitask to make the best of it.
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