Game Day at the Schoolhouse

This year I’ve done a few things different.  Planning different. Teaching different. Stressing out differently.
I also scheduled our Christmas break. A LONG one. It will feel great waking up next Monday morning knowing that we are not doing school and it is OKAY.
That makes today our last day of school for 2010.  The girls are excited.  This mom is excited.  I can’t imagine what they are going to do when they find out our last day is going to be “Game Day”.
Last Tuesday, The Homeschool Village held a twitter Christmas party and one of the questions asked was “Do you use games in school?” (or something like that, it’s hard to keep up with parties that rockin’!)  I use fun and games to teach all the time but must admit I have never sat down with my kids and a board game and played with them as a planned part of our schoolwork.  The list of games came pouring in over tweetchat and made a point to pull up the party on Wednesday and start making a list.
Today, Daddy is home from work.  Today, our last day of the school for the year, we are going to play games.  No Wii games (great idea, we just don’t have a game that everyone can play yet).  No computer games.
I think we’ll start with Skip Bo, then UNO, and see if I have any hair left before moving on.
They will be excited.  Once I get the game going, Daddy will be excited. I am the one that struggles with this.  I love games, and I love my kids.  I simply have a hard time enjoying it while bouncing a 20 pounder on one knee and distracting the 2 year old so she won’t move around all the pieces.
Here are a list of games they mentioned at the party:

Non “Board Game” Ideas that were shared:

  • Cooking
  • Counting down until…bedtime, dinnertime, etc.
  • Playing store with coupons, boxes from kitchen, empty containers
  • Dress up, act out stories you have read
  • Minute to Win It! Practice some of the games from the game show!

What games do you play with your kids?  Do you ever do it as part of your planned schoolwork?

Some of the links here are Amazon affiliate links.  If you were to purchase it, yes, I would get a few cents to go towards our school fund.  This link offered a great description of the product and reviews and I only included them on games I had never heard of before.

2 thoughts on “Game Day at the Schoolhouse

  1. Peggy Sue Brister says:

    I don’t play games with my kids. I have played games with them. When we first got the GUESS WHO game I played it with the kids every day. It’s a fun, easy game. But Monopoly, Connect Four, all these other games we have, Battleship. I don’t like them. I even learned how to play the Pokemon card game so I could play it with DS9. It’s not an easy game to learn. It’s quite complicated. But I even got sick of tha game. They are all in the hall closet with a stack of puzzles that I also hate. I never used games when we were homeschooling. I never even used flash cards. That was too much like a game to me. =)

  2. TaderDoodles says:

    I haven’t enjoyed playing games since our first one born, simply because I can’t pay attention or develop a strategy because I’m always being interrupted. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. My 9 year old whoooped our tails!

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