Salt Dough Ornaments… 2010

We tried these one a few years ago.  I mentioned them in a post back then, but didn’t include pictures. They were THAT BAD.
Older, somewhat wiser, and with another adult (Daddy) nearby, we set out to try again this year.  Using Super Mommy’s recipe we gave it another go…
In the oven
I won’t depress you with the details of the crying and sudden onset of “angry mom” that occurred during the rolling and cutting of the ornaments. We’ll just start with the purty ornaments you see in the oven there.
I haven’t decided if they will get to paint them or not. We may just leave them plain and use yarn instead of ribbon for the loop.  We have a bit of a Little House in the Big Woods theme going on with presents this year and leaving them “raw” seems fitting.

Why yes, that IS a Christmas Lizard, and Holiday Whale, and a Hanukkah  Flamingo and a Ho Ho Ho Pterodactyl.  Don’t ask.

and in case you were wondering…

Cinnamon Roll Ornament

Thanks Super Mommy!

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2 thoughts on “Salt Dough Ornaments… 2010

  1. Ace says:

    LOVE the raw idea. We kinda went back to the basics this year too. Just get so tired of everything having to be fancy. I just want a simple loving Xmas this year!

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