Passing Down the Machine

14 years ago…
(I feel a little Abe Lincoln here…)
my very new hubby did a very stupid thing and took his Sears card for a drive, buying me fancy schmancy sewing machine. (The gift was nice… using the credit card was stooooopid)
Five years ago, he sprung for a serger.
This past Mother’s Day, he upgraded me to a Singer Futura Embroidery Machine.
Yea, he’s a keeper.
Since the new machine is also a sewing machine, a fancy schmancy one at that, my poor little Kenmore machine is wrapped in plastic on the shelf waiting for someone to love it again.
The someone is here, in the house, I have just been waiting for her to grow up enough to sit still and pay attention.
This week, I let her sit and practice (on my new machine! *gasp*) sewing straight lines.  She’s going to make me crazy asking to do it again.  I need to sit with her this time, because she got excited and started stitching all my scraps together willy nilly like and stopped paying attention to what she was doing.
I might be crazy, but she really wants to learn.  So for Christmas, in her stocking, she will be getting her first measuring tape, some pins, a pin cushion, and a seam ripper.  She will also get full on access to Momma’s Sewing Machine… the first one.
I think I might print her off some of these starter projects and put them in a binder for her.

Did you teach your kid to sew? How old were they? Do you know of a fun/easy sewing idea?

One thought on “Passing Down the Machine

  1. Peggy Sue Brister says:

    Well… yo know my story. I got my daughter sewing lessons and the sewing teacher ended up teaching me and her how to sew. My own daughter actually taught me how to top stitch. Katelyn knows a little more about sewing than I do. She took an old pair of blue jeans yesterday and turned it into a blue jean skirt that looks like she bought it in the store. She just does stuff freestyle with no patterns. She amazes me sometimes.
    Your daughter will end up being a great sewer I’m sure. If she can sit still and pay attention she will learn to sew just like you do. Hopefully.

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