National Trivia Day….or something…

This post is in no way shape or form the post I had planned for today.  Starting yesterday afternoon nothing went as I had planned.  I’m actually in hour 28 of “let’s see how frustrated we can make mommy” and I’m not enjoying this little game

So, instead of what I PLANNED, this post will be random trivia about me. In Honor of National Trivia Day and all.

  1. I must be related to the Incredible Hulk. Distantly of course.  When I get angry, instead of my body bulking up and turning green, my head swells up like a puffer fish and my eyes turn green instead.  Still…you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
  2. I am the anti Betty Crocker. I am completely incapable of following a recipe.  This is complicating our homeschooling adventures in cooking as my daughter (being told to ALWAYS FOLLOW DIRECTIONS) is confused by my “I already threw in some butter” attitude.
  3. I hate having my toilet paper ON the holder.
  4. I’ve I could redo any of my mistakes…  I would have picked a different major in college.  No one told me I didn’t have to pick what I was good at, I could pick what I loved to do.
  5. I *puffy heart* candy corn.

oh… #6… I asked  my husband to name some piece of trivia about me and his response was
“with as much as you talk I can’t believe you can’t write your own da*& blog post”
Thanks honey. Love you too.

2 thoughts on “National Trivia Day….or something…

  1. Laurie Harley says:

    I have given up on putting the TP on the holder. J tends to start a new roll and leave it in a random location in the bathroom. The kids act like they can’t work the spring-loaded contraption to replace the empty roll. I spent untold hours replacing the partially used roll to its proper location. Finally, i’ve had enough and just let it go. It has not been on its holder since i stopped caring. 😉

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