Just 10 Things : The "What I should have done better" Edition

Just 10 Things
This is the first edition of a new blog series called “Just 10 Things”.  I will be posting weekly and putting next weeks theme at the end of the post in case you want to join in!

  1. I should have slept more.
  2. I should have read my Bible more.
  3. I should have taken time to exercise, more than just the Friday dance session.
  4. I should have paid more attention to my to do list and less attention to those rabbits and their trails.
  5. I should have taken more time in the shower… just because it was quiet and I was alone- twice.
  6. I should have worked harder to lower my voice.
  7. I should have trusted that I could turn off the phone and it would be okay.
  8. I should have remembered the debt monster when the Schwan’s man showed up…spent way too much.
  9. I should have written that guest blog post better.  It sucks, I can’t take it back, and it’s all because of #1.
  10. I should have sat in the recliner with hubby longer and kept dancing in the kitchen with him while I had the chance.

Next week’s theme:  Just 10 things I accomplished this week.
Won’t you join me?  Leave a comment and a link for this week.  On Saturday I’ll post mine for the new question. If there are enough participants then I’ll set up a linky!!

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