Just 10 things : What I accomplished this week!

Just 10 Things
Last week I started the “Just 10 things” series with the topic “Just 10 things I should have done better“.
10 things I accomplished this week

  1. meal planning
  2. finished first blog design 🙂 *THIS ONE*
  3. made a blog button for Benji’s Broken Heart
  4. finished week one of the Couch to 5K training program
  5. DID 1.71 Miles in 30 minutes!!
  6. Made homemade cinnamon rolls — from scratchity scratch!
  7. Read my Bible 4 days in a row (should be better but this is better than the week before!)
  8. 8 Loads of laundry… well, they are washed and dried, and there are still 80 bajillion left.
  9. Made a new toddler apron for my Artfire store!
  10. Made a new Kindle case… that won’t be listed b/c of a slight miscalculation.. looks like I made myself a new one 🙂

So, what did YOU accomplish this week?
Next week,
10 things I’d like to cook from scratch

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