Just me

No meme, no theme, no vlog with graphics, no cute pictures.
I feel like as of January 1, 2011 my blog has gone downhill.  Maybe I feel that way because after my first week of well thought out scheduled posts were done I found myself scrambling to make sure I posted something everyday.  Everyone was starting these great New Years themes and I wanted to join in.  I even started my own.
Suddenly I don’t feel like blogging.
I am running the Couch to 5K program.
I am sitting on the floor with my kids.
I am (thanks to a broken washing machine) doing LOTS of laundry.
I am learning to do better blog design.
I am learning new tricks for my graphics design.
I am trying to be optimistic about hubby’s trip out of town most of next week.
I am desperately ignoring the speed at which my ONLY son, and last baby, is advancing through the “infant” stage.  He is stealing food off my plate, drinking my tea, and climbing the stairs.  He just turned 7 months old.
I am trying to read my Bible every day.
I am trying to cook more real food and less boxed food.
I am trying to focus, organize, take time, make time, love, cherish, remember, hang on, let go, trust, wait, balance, juggle, breathe.
My house is a wreck. My kids are stressed (their behavior gives that away). Mr. B is at his wits end with them.  I feel stupid and inadequate. I have to write a to do list to remember to brush my teeth and hair.
I really thought that if I stopped trying to dabble in everything and just picked a few things that really interested me that I would be more successful.  I feel even more lost.
I need to find a way to work with what I have.  I have to step up again.  I have to make it work.
Hubby keeps telling me there is no such thing as “multi-tasking”. It is only “switch-tasking” and it is NEVER an effective way to function.
I keep telling him he is not allowed to lecture me on this topic again until he can give me a viable alternative.

3 thoughts on “Just me

  1. Rose says:

    Wow! You sound like you are in the same place I am right now and it’s frustrating. I started the year with great plans and published them on my blog only to fall flat on my face within a week. I’m not giving up, but I am taking a hard look at my expectations for myself and reality. I’m trying to lay down the good for the sake of the best, if that makes sense. It’s a process and I know we will figure it out – sooner or later. 🙂

  2. Karen ~Georgia Angel says:

    Hi, I’m right there with both of you. My house is a wreck, I don’t feel like I’m getting anything accomplished, although I’m somehow managing to get through the day. But somehow, I feel like I’m completing everything in a half-baked manner. Maybe once things get back into a real normal routine, it will be better. The interruptions from all the holidays, then the “snow” days, I think is what has me all out of kilter. Good luck to you.
    Have a blessed week,

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