Nothing like some last minute blogging


It’s almost eleven o’clock and only one of my children are asleep. The two that Hubby was in charge of getting to bed are upstairs still chatting. The lil man is crawling around me on the floor like a piglet on crank while I try to post to the bloggity blog on my new Droid.

Did I mention my glasses are upstairs and that my astigmatism is so bad I’d be surprised if this post doesn’t get completely played by my autocorrect. (ahem….Dear Droid, momma said glasses not a$$es mkay).

Just wanted to thank all my readers and tweeps for your sweet prayers and words of encouragement. Today was better. Not fantasmagoric but better.

I even managed time to do Week 2 Day 3 of the C25K and score a shower. (all by myself. It’s ok. You can be jealous. )

Tomorrow morning a wonderful mommy friend of mine will be guest posting here. I can’t wait!  It was some of her encouraging words that helped turn the week around.

Now, who wants to come play with Peanut? Momma wants to go to bed. 

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