Just 10 Things : Cookin' From Scratch

Just 10 Things
This week’s edition of Just 10 Things is the “10 Things I’d like to cook from scratch”

  1. Apple Pie
  2. A Birthday Cake… I make my frosting from scratch, but have yet to get away from cake in a box.
  3. Chicken Nuggets
  4. Cheesecake
  5. Chili
  6. Tomato Gravy
  7. Sweet Potato Pie
  8. Apple Crisp
  9. Hamburger Buns
  10. Pasta

What 10 things do you want to learn to make from scratch?
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4 thoughts on “Just 10 Things : Cookin' From Scratch

  1. Sonita says:

    I’ve done all of those except tomato gravy (which I’ve never heard of) and cheesecake cause *gasp* I don’t like cheesecake and pasta.
    I actually cook a lot of things from scratch but this week I may try to make some type of bun from scratch for BBQ one night. I haven’t made bread from scratch other than loaves in the breadmaker in YEARS. So I’m a bit nervous about trying the buns.

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