Please nap.


I have one little cranky man.

He’s happy right now. As long as I stay laying in my bed, wide awake, acting as his personal tumble mat. If I get up, for food or the ever elusive bathroom break, he will writhe and cry and break out in a low grade fever; a trick that is guaranteed to get sympathy from everyone and put me back on the “Bad Momma” list.

I feel certain this is teeth related. He blew out his diaper a little bit ago so I’m feel pretty confident about scratching constipation off the list of usual suspects.

His sister had me up before 5am and mommy wants a nap in a bad bad way. I am even considering not running today out of concern for my safety. Falling asleep on the treadmill wouldz bad. Then again, a hot bath would be most delightful and few things guarantee me a bath like getting funky sweaty.

I had a really deep post to write today but my mimd has been squashed.  My brain cells oozing out of the tiny holes beingleft behind as Peanut climbs on my back using my hair and a rope.

Great, here comes the Toddler Tornado.


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