When even passively loving someone hurts

What then?
Now I’m not speaking of the love that is so deep and strong that it hurts. Like the love you have for your kids.  That’s the love that hurts when you have to hurt their feelings while you are showing them the way they should go.  It’s hard, and you do it anyway, BECAUSE you love them SO MUCH.
I love my kids that way. I love my husband that way. I love others that way too.
There are people that you love, and the act of loving them is painful.  The things you do for them, it is unhealthy to you yet you continue to love them. When you love them and pray for them, it makes you sad. When you concentrate on every conversation, trying to wrap your words with love and mercy so that even hard words will lay upon their ears with the softness of angel’s wings, knowing that it will still be taken the wrong way.  It is still worth it to you to take the time to filter your topics to safe ones. At least whatever is safe to discuss today, for this moment.  You nod.  You pray.  You repeat their OWN advice back to them only to be told that “that” would never work or at least not work for them.  Your advice is asked for and ignored.  You still love, protect, try, listen, help. You play the games.
All that effort is draining. It hurts. Yet you love them. Silently.
Now, if you are reading this and wondering if it’s about you, it’s probably not. Then again it could be. If you’re getting all defensive stop. You’re missing the point. Obviously, IF this is about you, the point is I love you enough to love you even though it hurts.  I obviously see something wonderful and worthy in you.  Just as Jesus sees something wonderful in you.  I can promise that IF this is about you, I spent time again today praying that the day would come that YOU would see it in you and that loving you would be easy again.

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