It's a Why Bother day today

The kitchen is mostly clean.  The living room could probably be tidy within 15 minutes. Why can’t I get up? Why can I not summon up the gumption to just invest 30 minutes into my house to make it look better.
For starters, I need to go to the little girls room- again .  This is annoying. My daughter is in my bathroom taking a bath and yes I could go in there anyway I’m stalling.  It’s also upstairs. That increases my desire to stall exponentially.
Next, I’m not dressed.  I’d get dressed but I have nothing clean to wear.  I’ll be tossing on my yoga pants from yesterday when Lowe’s arrives today with my new washer and dryer.  *That should clear up the why does Tader have no clean clothes? question*  Being dressed would make me feel more motivated.  I could go ahead and get my dirty yoga pants on now but they are upstairs- need I say more on that?
Lastly, why bother cleaning? The little chaos makers that I love so very much will simply destroy it as fast as I pick it up – if.not.faster.  AND, I can’t clean it/organize it/put it up the way I want it so why bother.  I’m having another one of those “if I had the right stuff to hold my stuff then I’d want to put my stuff away but since nothing has a place why bother taking the time to cram it somewhere when it’s going to be the wrong place to start with” days.
I need a giant gift card to Ikea.  Or maybe just a creative professional organizer (since hubby says I have everything I could possibly need to organize I just won’t do it). Or maybe just two days alone to sew up all the cute ideas I have for organizing my house.
But then again, why bother? The kids will be here for another 18 years at least…  I can clean then right?