They served the kids Wasabi!

From yesterday’s post you can tell we had a pretty awesome weekend! What I didn’t get a chance to talk about was dinner on Saturday night. My tooth was still hurting pretty badly and I wasn’t feeling the whole “home cooking” thing at all. Since we were going to be out looking for beds Mr. B decided he would treat his wife to some hibachi chicken (YUM YUM!).
I thought maybe he forgot that we have four children. One eats like a goat but isn’t really big enough to eat that way. One doesn’t eat ANYTHING that’s not macaroni and cheese. Two are so picky I’m surprised they eat at all.
He made them a deal. If they sat, and tried something on their plate, without fussing/whining/complaining/crying about how much they didn’t like it, then he would get them something else on the way home. I guess assuring them that they would not go hungry helped them get over the “try something new” fear.

We ordered both of them a Tempura Kid’s Bento Box. The waiter brought the kids special kid chopsticks!

Lil Man ate off my plate. Bubbagirl played with the napkins and the chopsticks. Doodlebug tried a little bit of everything (sort of) and ate her sticky rice. This child HATES rice. Taderbug, almost broke down in tears when they showed up with a salad first, then managed to eat her rice. She wanted so badly to try the “green” stuff in the middle of her bento box.
Daddy assured her she did NOT want to try wasabi.
I wish I had gotten pictures of the cool oranges they brought out after dinner. Half an orange, cut in quarters, peeled and set in side itself served with a toothpick. It was a big hit!
Then we grabbed some popcorn chicken from Wally World and doled out a lot of high fives and hugs for trying something new!

2 thoughts on “They served the kids Wasabi!

  1. The Naked Mother says:

    You made me hungry!
    My two year old turns into a picky eater every once in while. But most of the time he’ll eat anything. Although, I am certain he would not complain if he was only served mac and cheese!

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