Yes, my boy will probably have long hair…but

He will NOT be rude about it.
Hubby has long hair.  He’s had long hair for most of our almost 15 years together. He did cut it for about a year, while he worked a job that needed him “clean cut”.  I called him Superman because he looked a little like the geeky side of Clark Kent.  Even had the little curl in the front.  He also shaved it bald once on a dare.  Can’t say that I was fond of the Lex Luther look but it grew back….and I made $20.
His new job doesn’t care how long his hair gets as long as it’s kept nice.  So he has his rock star hair again.
Peanut’s hair is touching his ears and I keep commenting on how I need to “trim it up a bit”. Hubby growls.
I’m pretty sure Peanut will get to enjoy rock star hair.  Hopefully he will have his Dad’s hair and not mine. His is silky, mine is NOT.
One thing for certain, I will teach him to be kind and understanding and how to “laugh it off” with a smile when sweet mama’s mistake him for a girl.  Unlike the rude and cranky little sir in the karate gee Monday night, who FLIPPED HIS HAIR at me and growled “BUT I’M A BOY” then glared at me when I said his name was pretty.
I was just trying to be nice. I didn’t even really hear what HIS name was; just noticed the contempt in his voice over it. He had LONG FLOWING LOCKS of blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes and he was asking me questions about the baby and the baby’s soft spot and could the baby do this or that and well….
I didn’t think boys typically gave a rats patootie about the development of random strangers babies. So I thought HE was a girl. I’m sorry. He’s going to make a HOT Hair Band Rock Star one day.  If he doesn’t get punched by some tired momma first.

2 thoughts on “Yes, my boy will probably have long hair…but

  1. AdrienneMay says:

    I had a boyfriend once who had longer hair… and I loved it. But a waitress came up from behind and referred to him as being a female (from BEHIND) and he flipped out and cut it. I think it is insecurity. I am sure you son will be much more secure than that.

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