I said BED time. No one said anything about SLEEP.

Our girls were having bedtime difficulties.
Ok. Our kids have ALWAYS had bedtime difficulties. We would have a run of good nights and then BLAM!  Whining. Dragging. The never-ending “I forgots”.
While they were at Awanas Sunday night I made up a little reminder to help them.
It’s our bedtime checks, a list of what not to forget, in rhyme with a last minute recap of our definition of bedtime.
I don’t care if you sleep. It’s not SLEEPtime. It IS “night” time. It IS “bed” time. The moon is up doing it’s job. All they have to do is stay IN BED.
Now….I need to define when “morning” begins!

4 thoughts on “I said BED time. No one said anything about SLEEP.

  1. Heather Cardenas says:

    I LOVE the poster. I just might be stealing your words for my 5 year olds wall. I have an 8 yr old who doesn’t like going to bed, but once he gets there he stays put. As a baby he was a horrible sleeper, so this is a long awaited blessing. My 5 yr old however, has reverted to her infant days. She calls me back in numerous times for water, hugs, kisses, & animals etc. She also wakes up during the night now, but that’s a story for another day;) I appreciate you sharing your routine with us. I hope having the “writing on the wall” will help my daughter also. Thanks!

  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve started letting my little ones stay up a little later because of this. But I’m trying to make a clear distinction that it’s ROOM time. If you can stay in your room, and you can not start screaming in pain from someone hurting someone else, then you can stay up until you’re more tired.
    It’s sort of working. Sort of.

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