I must suck at parenting

God has blessed us with four beautiful children.
On a daily basis they seem to be miserable. Everything is wrong, even when it’s something they have asked to do.  The world is too heavy, too loud, too quiet, too cold, too hot, too fast, too slow.  It’s all just wrong.
Mr. B and I have worked so hard to provide for them.  To give them what they need and some of what they want.  We have turned things upside down for them, fought for them, defended them, loved them, prayed for them and yet they are miserable.
Nothing pleases them anymore.  At least nothing I seem to do.  One of them is going to be unhappy with it.  They are going to make it known, loudly.
Why did God give my these children if I was going to be such a horrible parent?

2 thoughts on “I must suck at parenting

  1. Siggi says:

    Are you familiar with the storming-norming-performing concept? Sounds to me like your family is in the midst of a growth spurt, as a system, so things are getting shaken up (storming), while you find your new way.
    As much as it might stink to be in the midst of it, you WANT this to happen, since this will take your family to the next higher level of development and performance. In fact, it says a lot about the safety and acceptance you provide in your home that folks are (even subconsciously) willing to rock the boat in hopes of getting somewhere better, since they KNOW that your home and family is a safe place to be.
    In other words, congrats! Think of it like pregnancy – parts of it are really hard and rotten, but you get something great out of it at the end!

  2. Jess says:

    Girl you can’t please them at all times. No matter what someone is going to be unhappy at some point and time. It took me awhile to figure that out, but as a mommy to 6 I finally know this.
    Someone out of the bunch is going to always be unhappy about something at some point and time.
    Your a GREAT mom! Don’t you ever forget it! Hear me? If you ever need to hear it again just ask me to say it, cause it’s true! Those kids are your world and anyone can tell that.

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