What if it was just all gone…

imageI have absolutely no right to be whining right now. I have friends having completely crappy days at this very moment and yet I’m sitting on my couch, eating cheese and crackers, in near tears over this picture.
Honest to goodness, this was JUST taken. This is the better side of the room. Most of it could be tidied up in minutes. No major filth, just clutter. Every where.
I’ve been in three different rooms today trying to organize and switch from winter things to summer things.
I try to get going and then I just stop and wonder …
What if it all just went away? What if I didn’t question it and just tossed it? What if I took anything I haven’t worn in a year and put it in a bag? What would happen if all those craft supplies that I NEVER use or make anything with were donated, freecycled, TODAY?
Would my world come to an end?
Would I fail to ever craft again because I had to plan for it and go buy supplies AS NEEDED?
Would my kids become suddenly uneducated because I eliminated the Kindergarten workbook they never used?
I realize I have tubs of tubs for organizing and piles of stuff not in tubs. It is insanity.
It needs to stop.
Because nothing bad is going to happen if some of this stuff just goes away.

2 thoughts on “What if it was just all gone…

  1. Hazel Nut says:

    This has been my life for much of the past year! I have given away boxes and boxes and tons of bags of things that I just had to get rid of. It had to go!
    The past month I have been in full force (hence little time for twitter, lol!) I have been emptying out totes and boxes of things of just about everything you can imagine. And yes, some of that is craft supplies that I am so over!
    Do it….just do it….once you start it gets easier, lol 😉

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