Can't just eat hot dogs right?

We’re about to take our first family vacation ever. For those counting, we’ve been married 14 years as of this coming Tuesday and our oldest child turns 10 this year!
We’ve done things, but always with a set of grandparents along – usually footing the larger part of the bill.
We’re going camping, in the mountains, where not even a cell tower can bring me the interwebs.
Mr.’s idea of lunch and dinner consists of sandwiches and hotdogs. This is okay for a day or two but not for five or six and he fails to remember that our oldest daughter doesn’t eat bread. Momma had to make a meal plan for a week that would feed 6 picky people with no microwave or oven. I found a gizmo so I could make chicken nuggets over a campfire, I’m taking my pot and Coleman stove so I can make Chef BoyRDee.
I also figured I could just snack them to death. This tub is full of good things and bad things alike and this doesn’t even include the real fruit. If so much as ONE person complains about being hungry before next Sunday I might just leave them at the lake…. indefinitely.
No electricity, no air mattress, no phone, no help, just us – together – a family.
To say I’m nervous is an understatement.
To say I’m not excited would be a lie.

2 thoughts on “Can't just eat hot dogs right?

  1. Heather Cardenas says:

    How exciting! I am so envious of you guys;) It is going to be a great time. I would be freaking out about meals also. I am a notorious over-packer, so preparing for trips is a nightmare for me. You sound like you have it all together though. I have one picky eater & one who will eat just about anything. I never knew there was a contraption to cook chicken nuggets over a fire! I hope you have a wonderful time. Safe travels to you 

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