Not enough

I should have made the stitch straighter, I rush too much
I should have made the other party favors, they were cooler
I should have baked that cake better, I’ve lost my touch
I need to wake up earlier, make myself more presentable
I need to cook dinner earlier, my family deserves more
I need to clean the house better, make it more pleasurable to live in
Do my hair, add some blush, stop wearing yoga pants
Get off the phone, iron his shirts, play ball with the kids
Send birthday cards on time, remember to get the oil changed
Be the good guy, host the party, keep the mold out of the bathroom
I should do, I need to do, I could do so much more.
I want so much to be all the things that I’m not enough of…

4 thoughts on “Not enough

  1. Heather Cardenas says:

    Oh, shoulda, coulda, woulda! That’s the same game I play- never good enough. I totally understand how you feel. More often than not, as with me, I am expecting WAY too much of myself, & for that matter, others. I have no advice for how I deal, because I don’t, but I can tell you I fully understand. I am still learning how to not play that mind game with myself.
    Most of the time though, I just need to realize that I am never alone, & that is enough for now. I offer ((hugs)) to you across the blogosphere as well. Take care:)

  2. The Tadey says:

    Thanks ladies! Sadly, even when I do something I’m proud of, as soon as I share it I start to question whether or not it was really any good at all. People have always complained that I couldn’t take a compliment.
    I feel bad that I put such high standards on my loved ones, when they do a wonderful job already.

  3. aplaceforthoughts says:

    If I lived close to you I’d show up at your door with a cup of coffee for you (and for me!) I’d sit down and chat with you for 15 minutes or so and then I’d send you outside by yourself and hang with all your little ones while you went for a walk and got some fresh air.
    You are more than enough. You are hard on yourself. I do this same thing. Focus on one thing a day you’d like to do. If it’s a better dinner then the night before then do that and don’t worry about the other things. And the next day pick one room to clean. Get your children to help (I’m sure you do this already) but Lisa, you need to take care of you. All these other homes that are perfect, that the woman look like they came from a magazine, that the meals look as if a gourmet chef prepared them – they don’t exist. Not without help. A nanny. Ordering something. It might seem like they are but there is no way they are doing this all on their own.
    You are a beautiful mom and woman. I’d love to request a post from you sharing with us some of your best qualities. Because you have them and deserve to be reminded of them.
    Wishing you a beautiful day. -Julie

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