The plum hasn’t exactly faded to pink like the hairdresser had hoped. Tomorrow I have the option to go in and have the purple lightened and pink added. Haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do yet.
Today started off rough, in my head mostly but still rough. Hubby is tending to the kids so I can blog soak in a hot bath. I’m trying to focus on the little big things I accomplished today. I sorted the humungous pile of papers and bills that had been taking over my desk and the shelves. I finished cutting coupons and got them sorted and ready to go in my new binder (which arrived this afternoon from Amazon). I touched base with people on some loose ends and managed to pull together another dinner without potatoes, pasta, or rice. I may have even done some laundry and dishes.
I’ve managed to check off more things on my “non-daily stuff I have to do” list in the past two days than I have done in the past two months. They were little things, but they were the things that trip me up and make me feel useless.
The water is mighty fine, but I hear my baby crying because they won’t let him come find me. Better wash my purple hair. They’ll never believe I was just “taking a quick bath” if I still stink.
Blogging from my Android….probably from the bathroom.