Day 4, No Pasta No Taters No Rice for dinner…

Total Win Y’all.
I came back from vacation at 220 lbs. Despite all my efforts to drop a few Ell Bees this is the same weight I was a year ago after having Lil Man. GAH!!
After hearing that my aunt had success with the 17day diet and knowing that I won’t do a diet from a book, or site, or company I figured I’d just go back to what I know works: moderation.
I cannot, at this moment, live without the white stuff. You know… white pasta, white rice, white (actually Yukon GOLD BABY!) taters. It’s not devil food that would be cake, it’s just not good in the quantities that I eat.
To help me with the moderation thing, Mr. B and I set a goal to go one week without eating pasta, rice or taters for dinner. I can have all the chocolate chip cookies for dessert that my little tummy can hold!
It took some thought after the first two days, and I ended up sending hubby to the store to grab something fresh because I knew if all I had to eat was a piece of chicken and some veggies then those veggies better not be from a can!
I feel lighter. Climbing the stairs, I don’t feel like I’m dragging a hippopotamus. I’ve also dropped 9 pounds. I don’t expect to keep dropping like that; I feel certain it is just my body dumping nasty stuff since I’ve upped my fiber intake. Hubby says he feels tired. I think it has more to do with him readjusting to taking his Ambien again not so much the change in his diet.
I think for the second 7 days (oh yea, I’m gonna do it again!) I’ll add some exercise. I’d add it this week but my feet haven’t recovered from all the boardwalk walking last weekend.
Do you have a yummy, veggie side dish? I’d love to have you share a linky in a comment!