Backtracking Boy Talk #1

Setting: lunchtime, lunch has been cooked, mom is busy putting food on plates. Three girls are at the table. Boy child slides in and takes a seat.
Mom: “Hey buddy, are you ready for lunch? Or do you want to wait a bit?”
Boy Child: “Nah, I wanna wait. I’m not hungry yet.”
Mom: “Are you sure? Because once I fix my plate, I’m sitting down.”
Boy Child: “Yep, I’m not hungry yet.”
Mom: “Ok”
Mom proceeds to finish fixing plates for the girls, and then begins to prepare her own. Less than 3 minutes has passed.
Boy Child: “Hey! Feed me! I’m da man!!”
Three girls immediately turn their backs on the boy child. One of them is laughing. The other two are refusing to be witnesses to what they fear my happen next.
Mom stops dead in her tracks, turns slowly to the boy child, and leans down getting close to his face.
Mom: “Uh…what did you just say….to me?”
Boy Child:  “Ummm…..ummm….” *chuckles uncomfortably* “Momma, can I please have lunch now, I think I am hungry.”
Girls yell in unison: “MAY I”
Mom: “Sure honey, for a second there I thought you were on a suicide mission. Glad to see you reconsidered. I’d sure hate to have to explain to Daddy why I need more duct tape.”